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About Us

About Us

Green Return

Green Returns was established on 1st December 2002. Green Return means Green will return back safely without destroying tree families. Our packing and storage equipment is mainly using wood free materials. We started to save the Trees by avoiding packaging materials with use of sliced woods.

Green Returns has been elevated by a group of professionals with multi-task experience. They are from different operations management, channel marketing, sales and supply chain. We are having work experience at various levels of packaging and safe transporting pallets.

Green Returns started retails and wholesale, online sales of wooden pallets, non-metallic pallets, crates, metal pallets.

Green Returns package for rental of pallets and containers for transportation of goods, industrial and commercial purpose.


  • Concurrent design solutions in a wide spectrum of domain areas that we can bring changes to assist you

We have experience in:

FMCG / Industrial Produce / Automotive Sectors & Other Sectors

Product Characteristics

  • Metal Parts
  • Electronic Components
  • Decorative Trim

Packaging Characteristics

  • Expendable
  • Returnable
  • Rust Inhibitor
  • Class “A” protection
  • Automation
  • Environmental


The VITAL role in pooled equipment is the ability to track and account for equipment in our supply chain. This is the important base for a sustainability.

  • We work with our customers to determine the possible fit into the process and the system.
  • Our motive is to ensure our customers to have control on the equipment to avoid any losses and maximize their efficiency.

  • The core aspects of Asset Management would be :


    Leverage Our skilled staff to assess and help implement your process needs


    GREEN RETURN has developed a range of software tools to suit different customer needs.


    GREEN RETURN can provide training to your staff to suit your operations.